ruscists kidnapped about 10,000 Ukrainian children, which is genocide according to international law – Center of National Resistance

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Children are taken to camps and held as hostages, forcing Ukrainians to leave their homes and go to the russian federation and become “refugees” who are forcibly integrated into the “russian world”. This was reported by the Center of National Resistance.

“They are taken for “rehabilitation” to children’s camps in russia, after that they are not returned to their parents. This situation is necessary for the kremlin to force parents to leave their homes for their children on the territory of russia,” the report says.

After leaving the territory of the russian Federation, people cannot return to their homes in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, because the russians imposed “martial law”.

In addition, it is stated that Ukrainian children are taken to remote regions of russia. “Propaganda uses the kidnapping of children for its own purposes, telling about how they were saved from the Nazis. Although in reality it is not about saving children from hostilities. It is about abduction, with subsequent assimilation. That is the destruction of an entire stratum of the Ukrainian population, which is genocide according to international law,” the Central Committee concluded.

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