Lukashenka transferred another 20 IFVs to russia – monitoring group [video]

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The ruling regime of Belarus handed over another batch of military equipment to the russian army. We are talking about 20 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, the “Belarusian Hajun” monitoring group reported.

According to her data, on October 21, the 7th group of loaded platform wagons with military equipment of the Armed Forces of Belarus left the Urech’ye railway station.

“This time, 20 BMP-2 units taken out of conservation from the 969th tank reserve base went to the Volokonovka railway station [Belgorod region, russian federation] and further in the direction of Luhansk,” the message says.

According to the group’s calculations, over the past month, the ruling regime of Belarus has handed over at least 94 T-72A tanks, 36-44 Urals and 20 BMP-2s to the russian army.

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