ruscists harass and beat kidnapped Ukrainian children for disobedience and refusing to speak russian

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In russia, kidnapped Ukrainian children are psychologically harassed, called names for being Ukrainian, and even beaten for disobedience. This was reported by Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Darya Gerasimchuk, reported.

“Very often, children are punished for refusing to speak russian, refusing to learn and sing the russian national anthem, to stand up during the russian national anthem.

Almost all the children testified that they were intensely psychologically abused, called different names for being Ukrainians. There are even children who testify that they were beaten for such disobedience,” the commissioner said.

The children had photo evidence, but the russians forced them to delete all photos and videos when they were handed over to their parents.

The commissioner also said that she currently has information on more than 19,500 deported and forcibly displaced children, but the russians themselves talk about 744 thousand “evacuated” children.

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