Propaganda for the “smart”

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putin’s propaganda campaign has two versions of the war against Ukraine: for those who are absolutely stupid and for conditionally “smart,” writes russian sociologist who lives in Berlin Igor Eidman. The first one is designed for the mass russian TV viewer, the second one – for the Western public and intellectuals inside the country.

According to him, the mass version is trivial: the “Bandera junta” is to blame, and “wearenotthere.” The elite version is more complex: both sides are to blame for the “civil war” in Ukraine and the “conflict” between Ukraine and russia. This version is disseminated as if by independent media and speakers; willingly consumed by the russian “liberal” public and Western putinverstehers. It even leaks into official statements of the authorities of some European countries.

Eidman believes that this is how the pirate capture of Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait, the response to the martial law in several regions of Ukraine, and the ban on russians traveling to this country is interpreted.

This is, of course, an unprecedented level of ignobleness, he stresses. Robbers are equated with the owner of the house that was set on fire and robbed. The victim is convicted for trying to resist brutal violence. All this is designed to ensure that the consumer of such propaganda (primarily Western) would conclude: “everyone is guilty,” which means no one is to blame.

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