Overlooked participants of russian special operation “Derkach tapes”

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This media monitoring and OSINT investigation into the individuals involved in the russian special operation codenamed the “Derkach tapes” was prepared by the chairman of the Public Oversight Council of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), member of the Anti Corruption Axe NGO Mark Savchuk and the speaker of the InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community Mykhailo Makaruk.

On January 11, 2021, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on a number of Ukrainian politicians and civil servants for interfering in the US presidential elections by spreading disinformation. The decision concerned the individuals involved in the publication, legitimization and distribution of the disinformation concerning so-called “Derkach tapes”, in which allegedly Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko discuss issues of Ukrainian politics and raise the topic of Burisma. Members of Ukrainian parliament Andriy Derkach and Olexandr Dubinsky, ex-MP Olexandr Onishchenko, former prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulik and former employee of the US Embassy in Ukraine Andriy Telizhenko, as well as a number of Andriy Derkach’s media managers were sanctioned for participating in the Derkach tapes special operation.

In August 2020, InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community published an investigation which listed evidence showing that the Derkach tapes were a russian special operation to interfere in the 2020 US presidential elections.

A number of individuals took part in this disinformation campaign. This was an organized group of pro-russian TV hosts, top bloggers, politicians and media owners, Ukrainian citizens who were effectively acting in the interests of russia. Their concerted actions to disclose, lend legitimacy and promote the Derkach tapes in the prime-time news constituted a special operation in the media sphere. Moreover, their further statements in support of Trump by declaring the vote count in the US elections to be dishonest and false underscored their systemic disinformation activity and its true purpose to destabilize the situation in the United States, which has already cost the lives of several American citizens.

The campaign was clearly aimed at two main target audiences. The first was the Ukrainian government, which was directly called upon to start an investigation into the so-called “Biden tapes”. An investigation of this kind could have affected the ratings of one of the US presidential candidates in the 2020 elections. The second target audience was the US citizens who should have rejected the candidate in question, having received negative messages about him.

We are publishing here an indicative list of key individuals involved in the concerte effort to legitimize and disseminate the Derkach tapes, who have not yet been targeted by US sanctions:

  1. Anatoly Shariy, a pro-russian politician and established YouTube blogger, a frequent guest on pro-russian channels, most of which are now under sanctions in Ukraine, together with his wife Olha Shariy, also a popular YouTube blogger, who took an active part in legitimization scheme of the Derkach tapes and in the delivery of the relevant content to the target audiences in the USA.
  2. Taras Kozak, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, nominee owner of Viktor Medvedchuk’s assets (already under US sanctions). He is the nominee owner of three pro-russian TV channels in Ukraine. In February 2021, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, acting on the decision of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, enacted personal sanctions against Kozak and against the channels belonging to him. These channels were actively used to disseminate and lend legitimacy to the stories about the Derkach tapes.
  3. Oksana Marchenko, the wife of Viktor Medvedchuk, a pro-russian politician (already under US sanctions), nominee owner of a significant part of his assets, including media.
  4. Andriy Portnov, former First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration under Viktor Yanukovych, one of the main lobbyists against the development of anti-corruption infrastructure in Ukraine. Portnov is a frequent speaker of a number of pro-russian channels, most of which are now under sanctions in Ukraine, He is also the architect of the legal argumentation scheme under the Derkach tapes.
  5. Ihor Kolomoisky, Ukrainian oligarch who bought a number of assets in the United States to launder the cash withdrawn from Ukraine. Kolomoisky is the beneficial owner of the 1+1 channel (a minority stake in it is held by the aforementioned Viktor Medvedchuk), has direct influence on Olexandr Dubinsky (already under the US sanctions).
  6. Nazar Diorditsa, anchor of several pro-russian channels in Ukraine, took an active part in the legitimization scheme of the Derkach tapes.

The information presented below confirms the participation of each of the listed individuals in the Derkach tapes disinformation campaign, demonstrates the connection between them, as well as the coordinated nature of their actions.

Anatoly Shariy


Pro-russian blogger (his main account has 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube), frequent speaker on the aforementioned pro-russian channels. Resides in Spain

He was one of the main speakers on the topic of the Derkach tapes, systematically promoting their authenticity. He is listed first, since his content on YouTube is broadcast to the russian-speaking audience in the United States, whereas his YouTube channel is registered in the Netherlands. Thus, unlike most other individuals on the list, he acted to directly influence the US elections.

Shariy is consistently in the TOP-5 of the russian-speaking YouTube segment, he also is the only political blogger who is constantly present in the TOP-20 of the russian-speaking YouTube segment.

Accordingly, his influence extends not only to Ukraine, where Shariy engages in political activities, but also to the russian Federation, and to the russian-speaking diasporas, which have not yet integrated into the local linguistic environments in a number of countries, including the United States.

A content analysis of Shariy’s YouTube channel clearly shows that he took active interest in Burisma even before the publication of the Derkach tapes. Thus, back in December 2019, Shariy released a video digest (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OGbl7ZFPdg) with segments from the stories of One America News channel where he focused on vouching for Paul Manafort and spoke out negatively about the situation with Burisma. Apparently, Shariy amplified the topic with his video, because it received about 600,000 views, while similar stories on the One America News had an average of 150-180,000 views.


After the publication of the Derkach tapes, Shariy was the first to say that the voice on the Derkach tapes, quote: “unambiguously belongs to Petro Poroshenko”.

“What we heard here is terrible. A nightmare. This is complete external control of the country. We’ve heard things that fall under the definition of high treason. … Of course we hear voices there… yes, we must say ‘they resemble’. But we understand that this is Poroshenko. These are no clown tapes of some runaway oligarchs… These tapes are real… tomorrow we will know the reaction of the United States of America. Trump will definitely be hooked on these records. Because this can be a blow to Poroshenko, … but also to Biden as well. When we hear Joseph Biden, a citizen of the United States of America, give a clear order to President Poroshenko to remove the Attorney General… just because he was investigating the Burisma case, and Joe Biden’s son was there, this is treason.” (https://youtu.be/0Dancl3NEWo)

Shariy promoted the Biden tapes not only on air of the channels where he acted as a guest expert, but also on his own personal YouTube channel.

2.10: Shokin is the prosecutor general of Ukraine, he did not commit anything illegal, but by agreement with Biden he was removed. Why? Because Shokin was investigating Burisma, the firm employing Biden’s son. This was his only fault.

6.18: To which ‘consequences’ of Shokin’s work does Biden refer saying they need to be eliminated? Of course, to the Burisma investigation. Everything must be stopped, Biden’s son must be clean. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAtaKsbBQcE)

Shariy also actively covered the release of the second portion of the Derkach tapes in June. A quote from his commentary video to the recording which mentions former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk:

“What’s going on on this tape? The Vice President calls the President and tells him that the law enforcement agencies (over which the president allegedly has no influence) should not persecute Yatsenyuk. And Yatsenyuk before that had appealed to him, the Vice President of the United States of America, and said: ‘Well, I’m wrapping up there now, but what if they start persecuting me?’ And the other one (Biden) says: ‘No, they won’t, and no one is interested. But what if they have valid grounds?’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loqD1FDJgcQ)

After the ballots were cast in presidential elections in the United States, on November 8, Shariy recorded another video blog, where he directly claims that the elections were rigged in favor of Biden. He promoted a video about “rigged US elections.”

“In my personal opinion, the elections are rigged. I have already published these videos with falsifications, later they became the subject of a discussion. … I must say, with a degree of pride, that the lawyers who work with us on some of the lawsuits, these are the same lawyers who represent the firm that achieved the recounts in certain states. And where they recounted, and where Biden won, suddenly it turns out Trump has a lead. My opinion is that these elections were definitely dishonest ,” Shariy says. (https://youtu.be/j5AjoC2w0sM)

This evidences an even deeper involvement in the US elections than of a usual russian propaganda mouthpiece. Shariy did not just systematically and persistently disseminate disinformation that could have influenced the outcome of the US presidential election. He also, according to his own admission, was coordinating his actions with unknown individuals within the United States. This is confirmed, in particular, by his very first video on Burisma which was released a year before the elections. In it, he promotes messages and footage of the marginal One America News channel. No people outside of the United States could have provided him such deeply domestic content for his “creative processing”.

Shariy’s connections and/or friendly relations with the individuals listed below will be reflected in the relevant following sections. However, it will be appropriate to note here that Shariy and Derkach (already under US sanctions), have at least one link connecting them personally. Derkach’s eldest daughter, Tetiana Terekhova, has been friends with Olha Shariy (Bondarenko) for about ten years, and they still keep up friendly communication on social media. (https://archive.is/4624y)

Olexandr Dubinsky (already under the US sanctions) also said that he was a supporter of Shariy. On May 2, 2020, he told the Ukrainian channel NewsOne that he would have joined Shariy’s party, were it not for the Servant of the People. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t588f54atT8)

Taras Kozak


Member of the Ukrainian parliament, nominee owner of Viktor Medvedchuk’s assets (already under the US sanctions). He is the nominee owner of three pro-russian channels which were actively promoting and lending legitimacy to the Derkach tapes, and which were targeted by economic sanctions enacted by President Zelensky.

On May 19, 2020, Derkach held the first press conference in Kyiv where he made public the alleged telephone conversations between US Vice President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. He claimed that Biden used his official position to try to terminate the investigation into Burisma gas production company.

TV channels 112, NewsOne and Zik, nominally owned by Kozak broadcast it live for their entire audiences. The relevant video on YouTube received more than 700 thousand views. The information was outright presented not as alleged, but as true and genuine.

These channels began a coordinated air campaign to lend credibility to these tapes. The overwhelming majority of the guest experts emphasized that they did not doubt the veracity and authenticity of the recordings, thereby projecting this impression on the audience.


  1. Political analyst Ruslan Bortnyk tells Channel 112 that the sanctions are an attempt to silence Derkach: “They want to shut him up, as his tapes are seriously hurting Poroshenko. Today the information on the tapes is being confirmed. And there are serious risks to his personal safety. Derkach may prove to be a valuable witness in new criminal investigations.This is serious, although many are trying to brush it off. What is Derkach doing? He reports crimes and we have no right not to investigate them. ( https://youtu.be/4u2R41VvcA4)
  2. Political analyst Alexander Lazarev assured Zik viewers that “Poroshenko’s high treason is confirmed by more than one fact.” “This man had a Biden cover. These persons are getting rich on the blood and the poverty of our people”  clamored Lazarev. ( https://youtu.be/A7TKu788QZQ)
  3. Political analyst Kyrylo Molchanov explained on NewsOne: “Everything that Derkach says puts the direct responsibility on the Prosecutor General’s Office to open criminal proceedings. There are terrible things there, Biden’s meddling in the country’s internal affairs. He said whom to fire, whom to appoint, the money was withdrawn. If you listen to these tapes, Poroshenko and Biden had such a warm relationship. Apparently he talked to Biden more often than to his wife.” ( https://youtu.be/qjjM6kY3iIY)

An expanded digest of the statements of various experts is given in Appendix 1 at the end of the article. Taken together, their statements allow us to conclude that all three channels had a common coordinated communication policy to lend credibility to the Derkach tapes disinformation campaign. And thus the common nominee owner of the TV channels Taras Kozak and their actual owner Viktor Medvedchuk, godfather of the daughter of the russian President Vladimir putin, were directly involved in the formation of this common policy.

Andriy Portnov


Former First Deputy Dead of the administration of the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, one of the main lobbyists against the development of anti-corruption infrastructure in Ukraine, frequent top-speaker of a number of pro-russian channels, most of which are now under sanctions in Ukraine. He took an active part in the scheme to lend credibility to Derkach tapes and an attempt to turn them into court-grade evidence.

Portnov was one of the most vocal speakers on the topic of Derkach tapes. He described them as factual, insisting that they provided grounds for a criminal investigation against former President Poroshenko.

Here is a typical sample of his rhetoric: “If I were a prosecutor, I would compare the dates, then summon the defendant for questioning. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct an expert examination, which, with a huge probability, will confirm that it is him. Samples of his voice are widely available from open sources. We see a buyer, a seller, an amount of $ 1 billion.” (https://youtu.be/iduieEvT0KU)

At the same time, he openly published a scheme for criminal prosecution of Poroshenko on charges of high treason. In Portnov’s scheme, the falsified tapes were already marked as legitimate incriminating evidence, as if they have been adduced to the case and got an official status.

The scheme is outlined in Portnov’s personal blog in the post titled “Investigation plan based on Poroshenko’s tapes.” ( https://aportnov.com/docs/8292/)

At the same time, Portnov had the leverage to try to implement this scheme, because his lawyer and junior partner Oleh Tatarov, two months after the release of the tapes, was appointed deputy head of the President’s Office for interaction with law enforcement agencies. Accordingly, Portnov, through Tatarov, could influence the investigating authorities, pointing them in the direction he needed.

Portnov is on friendly terms with the previously mentioned Anatoly Shariy. “It’s been the third month, that I have been demanding from all television screens that the criminal investigation against Shariy and Guzhva [Ed.: the nominal owner of the pro-russian news site strana.ua] be closed, I am lobbying for their return to Ukraine and for an apology to them for the falsification of the cases,” Portnov said on his blog site.

Portnov also publicly called for voting in the elections to the NABU Public Oversight Council for Nazar Diorditsa, to whose TV shows he had been previously invited.

Olexandr Dubinsky (already under the US sanctions for meddling in the US elections) admitted that he liked Portnov: “I love him, I like his photos. He has my respect,” (https://youtu.be/jCFxXSUTQu8) and posted a group photo with Portnov from Austria.

port dub guzh

Portnov (left), Dubinsky (center), Ihor Guzhva (right).

We can conclude that Portnov, being in close relations with the previously described individuals, taking advantage of the privileged position of the “top speaker” on pro-russian channels, openly and publicly prepared a legal scheme for the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to turn Derkach’s tapes into official physical evidence in an eventual criminal investigation.

Ihor Kolomoisky


The Ukrainian oligarch who bought a number of assets in the United States to launder the cash withdrawn from Ukraine, beneficial owner of the 1+1 channel (a minority stake in it is held by the aforementioned Viktor Medvedchuk), has direct influence on Olexandr Dubinsky (already under the US sanctions).

Kolomoisky also took part in the scheme to lend legitimacy to the Derkach tapes. Based on the dialog from the tapes, which allegedly mentioned the need to nationalize Privatbank, Kolomoisky filed an application with the Prosecutor General’s office in which he accused Poroshenko and the then management of the National Bank of Ukraine of conspiring to misappropriate his bank.

The UNIAN website, which is part of Kolomoisky’s media group, constantly covered all of Derkach’s allegations regarding the tapes he released, while the news about US intelligence considering Derkach an agent of the kremlin was removed.

Kolomoisky has direct influence over the sanctioned Dubinsky who is also known in the Verkhovna Rada as the leader of the informal parliamentary “Kolomoisky’s group” within the faction of the ruling Servant of the People party. Dubinsky worked for many years for Kolomoisky’s 1+1 channel. In 2020, Dubinsky became known as the main coordinator of the blocking of the “anti-Kolomoisky” law in parliament which was aimed at making the nationalization of Privatbank irreversible and the return of the bank to Kolomoisky impossible.

Kolomoisky has repeatedly stated that he wants to cooperate with Portnov regarding an appeal to the ECHR against the nationalization of Privatbank.

Sanctioned Medvedchuk is also a minority shareholder in the 1+1 channel through his wife Oksana Marchenko.

Now the US Department of Justice has filed a third lawsuit against Kolomoisky accusing him of laundering the money withdrawn from PrivatBank through the purchase of real estate in the United States.

That is, Kolomoisky is directly interested in the legitimization of the Derkach tapes and in destabilizing of the United States which would allow him to preserve his American assets. He also maintains business and friendly relations with other individuals involved in the scheme to lend legitimacy to the tapes.

Oksana Marchenko


Oksana Marchenko (left) and Viktor Medvedchuk

TV host, the wife of the pro-russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk (already under the US sanctions). Stakes of her husband’s businesses are registered in her name.

She is the ultimate beneficiary of Bolvik Ventures Ltd, an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands, which holds a 10% minority stake in the Kolomoisky’s 1+1 TV channel (TOV Teleradiocompaniya Studio 1+1).

Oksana Marchenko is the registered owner of the natural gas producing company on the Crimean shelf seized by russia.

Also, as it turned out in 2020, many large companies that were previously known as controlled by Kolomoisky and his Privat Group received new shareholders, Cyprus offshore companies beneficially owned by Oksana Marchenko. (https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2020/06/12/7255382/)

Nazar Diorditsa


TV pseudonym Max Nazarov, an anchor of the pro-russian Nash TV channel. He took an active part in lending legitimacy to the Derkach tapes and promoting this topic to the international audiences.

The day after the Derkach press conference, on May 20, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gathered the journalists from all leading media for an informal “meeting on a lawn”. It was his anniversary as President. Journalists raised their hands, introduced themselves and voiced their questions which President Zelensky answered.

The question about the Biden-Poroshenko tapes came as a shouted remark. Close-up cameras showed the host of the Nash TV channel Max Nazarov.

“Yes, I’ve heard about Poroshenko and Biden. I think this is not the last wake-up call that Ukrainians will get, Zelensky said.

Then international media, including New York Post and Washington Post, published the news about Zelensky calling for an investigation into the leaked tapes. Although, judging by the video, the president simply answered the question of Mr. Diorditsa.

Thus, thanks to Diorditsa, the Derkach tapes got international media exposure.

Also, after the press conference of President Zelensky, member of parliament Dubinsky (already under the US sanctions), gave a long interview to Diorditsa:

“External control. It existed under Yanukovych, back then they called from the kremlin. We got rid of it, now they are calling from Washington. And the tapes are proof of that. “ (https://youtu.be/h4ZWBedsHjA)

Diorditsa, better known as Max Nazarov, is closely related to Shariy. He has long-standing friendly relations with Antonina Beloglazova, formal co-founder and former leader of the Shariy Party. When Diorditsa wanted to get on the NABU Public Oversight Council, Shariy called out to support his candidacy on his Telegram channel. Likewise, Diorditsa regularly speaks in support of Shariy on his personal channel. Diorditsa’s parents live in russia, in the outskirts of moscow.


We can conclude that a network of individuals was formed in Ukraine which in 2020 participated in the russian disinformation campaign code-named the “Derkach tapes” in a determined and concerted manner. These individuals worked to ensure that the falsified tapes received as much publicity as possible, got established in the public perception as a reliable fact, and then, on the eve of the US elections, were presented to American voters as irrefutable proof of the corruption of one of the candidates. This work was carried out in the interests of the russian Federation.

One of the groups targeted by these individuals was the Ukrainian government. Their goal was to force the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to initiate a formal investigation into the Derkach tapes, or at least to publicize these allegations which would have turned the disinformation into a “political fact” and would allow the media to refer to this “investigation” in the United States. In part, the network participants managed to achieve their goals, as President Zelensky was forced to publicly answer a question posed to him by one of the members of the network, and it was this fact of public reaction of the top official of Ukraine that turned the local topic into a global one which subsequently received coverage by the most influential media.

Another goal was to deceive the russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking audiences in the United States in order to influence the election results, as well as provoke chaos and violence. This was exactly the task of YouTube bloggers targeting the American audience, in particular, of Anatoly Shariy.

All these people are politically and financially connected with russia. Anatoly Shariy, Taras Kozak, Nazar Diorditsa, Andriy Portnov, Ihor Kolomoisky, Oksana Marchenko (Medvedchuk) are also russian agents of influence, along with Andriy Derkach, Olexandr Dubinsky and other individuals who fell under US sanctions earlier. They also tried to influence the choice of American voters by spreading disinformation, personally or through their media assets and/or affiliates.


  • Kozak Taras Romanovych, born on April 6, 1972.
  • Shariy Anatoly Anatolyovych, born on August 20, 1978.
  • Portnov Andriy Volodymyrovych, born on October 27, 1973.
  • Kolomoisky Ihor Valeriyovych, born on February 13, 1963.
  • Marchenko Oksana Mykhailivna, born on April 28, 1973.
  • Diorditsa Nazar Ruslanovych, born September 11, 1990.

Legal entities:

  • 112, Zik and NewsOne TV channels
  • TOV TRK 112-TV , EDRPOU code 38590676
  • TOV ARIANDA TV, EDRPOU code 37771216
  • TOV TV VYBIR, EDRPOU code 37717618
  • TOV PARTNER TV, EDRPOU code 37717583
  • TOV NOVIY FORMAT TV, EDRPOU code 37771169
  • TOV LIDER TV, EDRPOU code 37725945

Assets jointly owned by Kolomoisky and Medvedchuk, where Medvedchuk’s stakes are registered to Oksana Marchenko:

  • TOV Teleradiocompaniya Studio 1+1 – EDRPOU code 23729809
  • PrAT Electrometallurgy Plant Dniprospetsstal – EDRPOU code 00186536
  • AT Zaporizhzhya Feroalloy Plant – EDRPOU code 00186542
  • PRAT Lvivoblenergo – EDRPOU code 00131587
  • AT Prykarpattyaoblenergo – EDRPOU code 00131564


Appendix 1

Digest of coordinated statements of experts and speakers regarding the authenticity and consistency of the Derkach tapes on pro-russian channels.

Political analyst Ruslan Bortnyk tells 112 that the sanctions are an attempt to silence Derkach:

“They want to shut him up, as his tapes are seriously hurting Poroshenko. Today the information on the tapes is being confirmed. And there are serious risks to his personal safety. Derkach may prove to be a valuable witness in new criminal investigations. This is serious, although many are trying to brush it off. What is Derkach doing? He reports crimes and we have no right not to investigate them.(https://youtu.be/4u2R41VvcA4)

Political analyst Olexandr Lazarev assured Zik viewers that “Poroshenko’s high treason has been confirmed by more than one fact.” “This man had a Biden cover. These persons are getting rich on the blood and the poverty of our people”  clamored Lazarev. (https://youtu.be/A7TKu788QZQ)

Political analyst Kyrylo Molchanov explained on NewsOne: “Everything that Derkach says puts the direct responsibility on the Prosecutor General’s Office to open criminal proceedings. There are terrible things there, Biden’s meddling in the country’s internal affairs. He said whom to fire, whom to appoint, the money was withdrawn. If you listen to these tapes, Poroshenko and Biden had such a warm relationship. Apparently he talked to Biden more often than to his wife.” (https://youtu.be/qjjM6kY3iIY)

The same message was voiced by the politician Andriy Palchevsky on 112 channel.

“I can say I have a musical ear. It was one hundred percent, in my ear, the voice of Poroshenko. All his typical mistakes. It’s not that we’re parodying someone’s voice. It’s that each person has distinct elements of his intonation and mistakes,” explained the graduate of the moscow Military Institute of Foreign Languages. This was the only university in the USSR that trained military translators and propagandists. (https://youtu.be/tkC__6rWwtQ)

Olexandr Dubinsky (already under the sanctions of the US Treasury) assured that he had no connection to Derkach. Here’s what he said on May 19:

“Of course I heard [about the tapes] and made a repost on my Telegram channel. And, frankly, for me this is an absolute confirmation of Petro Poroshenko’s treason pertaining to the external control, which we have been observing… for the sixth year already. And I don’t know what else is needed to prove the fifth president’s guilt for the country being governed by other people, but not Ukrainians.” (https://youtu.be/97mEeNwKLuc)

On the same day, Andriy Telizhenko, who came under sanctions later, spoke about the “crimes of Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko”. (https://youtu.be/UO7BwL6i9G0)

Oleh Voloshyn, fellow party member of Viktor Medvedchuk, explained to the audience that “there has been nothing more significant in the recent months than the press conference of Derkach.”

“What’s new there? The fact that Biden threatens not to release a billion dollars to Ukraine if Shokin is not dismissed. He messed it up for Biden by investigating the activities of a company where Biden’s son received $50,000 a month,” says Voloshyn.

“What’s new there? The fact that Biden threatens not to give a billion dollars to Ukraine if Shokin is not dismissed. Who, as we suspect, messed it up for Biden by investigating the activities of a company where Biden’s son received $50,000 a month,” says Voloshyn. (https://youtu.be/w53m2SEXfKc)

Appendix 2

List of statements by Anatoly Shariy about the authenticity of the Derkach tapes

1.“What we heard here is terrible. A nightmare. This is complete external control of the country. We’ve heard things that fully fall under the definition of high treason. We understand we have to say that the ‘records are similar”. But these are the voices of Petro Poroshenko. These are no clown tapes of runaway oligarchs. These are real recordings. And already tomorrow we will know the reaction of the United States, Trump will definitely be hooked on these records. Because there might be a blow to Biden. When we hear that US citizen Joseph Biden gives clear instructions to President Poroshenko to remove the Attorney General just because Biden’s son is there, this is treason.May 19, 2020Zikhttps://youtu.be/0Dancl3NEWo
2.“Poroshenko got a fright, he is scared. Of course, he can fight or not fight, but here we are entering the American election campaign. And Trump’s entourage will push Poroshenko’s indictment, so I see. Poroshenko is tied to Biden, and Biden will “go down” only with Poroshenko.”May 21, 2020Zikhttps://youtu.be/HxnnpuJ6CgI
3.“Petro Poroshenko got into a trap. Because the recordings of his conversations with Joe Biden have been published. I analyzed these records. The records make it absolutely clear that Ukraine was ruled from abroad. This is definitely a high treason case. Taking directions for money is high treason. Biden pressed Poroshenko and told him what to do. Whom to remove, whom to appoint. And in exchange he promised a billion. On the tapes, Biden asked Poroshenko to appoint Yaresko. I have found out that Yaresko has a brother John. And now the company employing Yaresko sent $25 million to the Biden foundation. As soon as Biden set up this foundation. It was Yaresko’s brother who brought Biden to the meeting with Filaret. Biden sits there, has a drink, and then the news about the support of the tomos appears on the White House website.”May 21, 2020112https://youtu.be/kbldb5IOI1Y?t=706
4.I am sure that negotiations between Poroshenko and Biden are still ongoingMay 21, 2020 NewsOne https://youtu.be/5OrvMn6_gY0
5.“Poroshenko looks unhealthy. I remember how Shokin was reviled then, the media support. Although in fact it was all connected to Burisma.”May 22, 2020 NewsOnehttps://youtu.be/dRN7a7E5BrQ
6.“There was a serious evidence base against Poroshenko, including the Biden affair. But Poroshenko will get no punishment.”June 22, 2020NewsOnehttps://youtu.be/xxoK8VRzmRI
7.“Poroshenko’s conversations got online, and this is the end for him and his fans.July 9, 2020112https://youtu.be/BhOTYEaQYmA 
8.“I don’t know how Poroshenko can justify himself. Nothing left but suicide. They will pass this for a fake.”July 11, 2020Zikhttps://youtu.be/5v2QZcYHnkY
9.“This is a real scandal. This dooms all Poroshenko’s political aspirations. I respect people who graduated from the KGB school. Derkach had the right to publish these tapes. I’m sure they planted a USB flash drive into his postbox, even with erased finger prints. He put it on and listened. That’s a no-brainer that these are real recordings.”July 18, 2020Zikhttps://youtu.be/E9_6Jb5p1iI
10.“The man who lobbied the interests of the company which foisted the Javelins to Ukraine for money, then a street was named after him in Kyiv. Now our McCain street will abut against Biden Square. And for Biden, Ukraine is just like Ghana. Now imagine a company in which he or his son is involved is mining gold there. Of course he will visit and say: ‘Oh, Ghana is really developing now. By leaps and bounds. Ghana has become completely different.’ He cares neither for Ghana nor for Ukraine, he is interested solely in his company. We have no friends and nobody cares about us.”August 30, 2020Zik https://youtu.be/RMM5gFT6CwQ
11.“The IMF is an international racketeer. Poroshenko is ready to go to great lengths to rather be liked by Biden than by his own people.”September 16 Zikhttps://youtu.be/eZa7Ivkityo
12.“It really calls into question our independence when Joseph Biden calls and says what needs to be done. They dictated their terms about Shokin and Burisma, what to do or not to do. I see signs of treason in these recordings.”September 20, 2020 112https://youtu.be/IL-XFGJzJjI?t=1075
13.“Trump is better for Ukraine, because Biden behaved with Ukraine like with his own garage. And they will all treat Ukraine like a serf.”November 5, 2020NewsOnehttps://youtu.be/8wdhidWoLeU
14.“Never in my life, Ukraine has had such external control as now. There has never been such a laceration. It’s just unimaginable that this Chargé d’Affaires Kristina Kvien, made a statement that there are kremlin puppets in Verkhovna Rada. She says there are a number of channels that broadcast unverified information that Ukraine is governed by a type of external government. I cannot imagine Ukrainian Foreign Ministry making a statement that there are Italian puppets in France. Are you out of your mind? The person would immediately become a persona non grata and would be told to shut up and not meddle into internal affairs. And here it is absolutely normal. It is normal for the [state] budget to be sent to the IMF before adoption. For seven years we have been under external control, official external control. What I do not like about these democratic guys is interfering into the internal affairs of foreign states. The attitude towards Ukraine will not change. To both Biden and Trump it’s the same, a colonial state, a distant banana republic, to which you can foist your locomotives, calling them “Trident”. And why did they call them “Trident”? Because they think we are very stupid. That they can call some things “Trident” and we would immediately gobble them up for a billion. This happened also under Poroshenko. Now they can sell us coal from Pennsylvania for their own loan money. For them, it is a laundering country. You send 5 billion there, and for these 5 billion they buy something from you with added value. And they owe you 6 billion more. It looks like a wonderful country, they are fussing over it and want it to exist as long as possible. But to merely exist, they do not care for the life of Ukrainian people.”November 9, 2020Nash TVhttps://youtu.be/SouMhHt7KqI?t=1090
15.“These elections are completely unfair, because any Trump tweet is accompanied by a postscript that this is not true. Is it true that where they get a recount, Trump wins, taking 56%?They got to this point, realizing that even a few more years of Trump’s rule would be a death toll for them. I say ‘they’, but these are not to some mythical ‘they’. You understand, in Armenia they went to break into some institutions, they know very well where to break in. Soros, Radio Liberty. Read this Radio Liberty, they are working to destroy Ukraine. They are “breast-fed” by the Soros foundation. They constantly talk about his charity. This is as if I would build five concentration camps, and at the same time allocate one orphanage and actually help it – would that make me a good person? The attitude of these guys to Ukraine, nothing changes. I understand that these shifty errand-boys, who are really licking Soros’s shoes, they believe that now their happiness and prosperity time will come. I doubt it. Regarding Poroshenko, who recalls conversations with his great friend, some argue that Biden may not even remember who Poroshenko is. The investigations against Biden are being closed, and his son’s affair is swept under the rug. Concerning the interference into Ukrainian issues. I would not go as far as saying that intervention into Shokin’s dismissal was enough for Biden to become a persona non grata. But he should have at least apologized, said that he was misunderstood. The Prosecutor General was dismissed with a flick of two fingers, because his son and Burisma had some problems.”November 13,2020https://youtu.be/_IZYANs_qMo
16.“The idiotic article on the Atlantic Council does not describe how Biden will help Ukraine. Just general talk. There is a war against Trump. There’s fat that can be removed by physical exercise. And now this is the establishment versus Trump. I don’t believe that Biden really won. Take the example of this law firm, where the votes were recounted. And it turned out that where Biden won, Trump won. And I think that millions of Americans who are not Biden supporters, they will not have it so easily. Very strange margin, manipulation, falsification. What will Biden give to America? Trump gave confidence and jobs.”November 14, 2020112https://youtu.be/mFnVenFhZrQ 
17.“Aged Biden with his team will definitely not bring anything good to Ukraine”January 7, 2021Zikhttps://youtu.be/9IfZ5YtIOZ8
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