NACP adds METRO to international sponsors of war list

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The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP) added German retailer Metro to the list of international sponsors of war. This decision was made due to the position of the company’s management to continue operations in russia.

“In addition to the fact that the company continues to pay taxes, supporting the military machine of the russian Federation, the company’s management is directly involved in the transportation of russian gas to Central and Eastern Europe. Metro also did not refuse to accept payment with the “Mir” cards of russian Sberbank and continues to implement new projects in russia,” the message reads.

All companies listed as international war sponsors are listed in the World-Check database, a database of high-risk individuals and organizations used worldwide to identify and manage financial, regulatory, and reputational risks. Adding to this database, created by the international company London Stock Exchange Group, should help protect the financial sector from russian war sponsors.

Procter&Gamble, OpenWay Group, Danieli, TMS Tankers Ltd., Minerva Marine Inc., Thenamaris Ships Management, Delta Tankers Ltd., Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd., Leroy Merlin, ComNav Technology, Mondi Group/Mondi PLC, eKassir, Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry, and Bonduelle are also on the list.

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