Auchan supplied russian army in occupied territories of Ukraine – investigation

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russian Auchan has been supplying goods for the russian military in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. The supply was labelled as “humanitarian aid,” according to a joint investigation by The Insider and Le Monde.

This so-called “humanitarian aid” consisted of goods from Auchan warehouses and what volunteers of the occupiers collected in Auchan stores in various regions of the russian Federation.

All “humanitarian aid” was intended for men – socks, cigarettes, lighters, razors. There were no products for women or children. According to the investigators, the amount of supplied goods would be enough for one or two battalions.

“It should be noted that, according to international law, humanitarian aid during international conflicts is considered only aid to the peaceful population. Support for one of the parties at war may subject Auchan to sanctions and lead to the company’s withdrawal from the russian market,” journalists wrote.

In addition to supplying goods, Auchan helped military commissars to recruit mobilized personnel from among their employees.

Auchan Ukraine demanded comments from the central French office regarding the investigation into how the company in russia transferred aid to the russian army.

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