More than 400 people missing in Hostomel

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missing in Hostomel

More than 400 people have gone missing in Hostomel, Kyiv region, throughout 35 days of occupation by russian troops, the head of the Hostomel village military administration, Taras Dumenko, said this in an interview with

“Throughout 35 days of occupation, we have more than 400 missing. We are checking the basements of Hostomel together with the State Emergency Service and patrol police officers. We have about 1,200 residents, with whom the contact has been established and who inform us about the whereabouts of certain people who have left,” he informed.

The head of the Hostomel village military administration reminded that russian troops in Hostomel killed village head Yuriy Prylypko, together with volunteers Ruslan Karpenko and Ivan Zoria, whose bodies were found.

“Not many bodies have been found in Hostomel, but shot bodies, killed residents were found further in the villages of our community. Several residents of our community were also found in Bucha. It necessary to understood that the occupiers removed people. It has been confirmed that people from Hlibivka came to Hostomel and then the contact with them was lost.” he said. But we need to understand that the occupiers also covered the traces of their crimes, Dumenko stressed.

As reported earlier, 410 bodies of civilians were recovered in the liberated territory of the Kyiv region.

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