410 bodies of civilians recovered in liberated territory of Kyiv region

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bodies of civilians

410 bodies of killed civilians have been recovered on the territory of the Kyiv region liberated from russian aggressors so far.

“Currently, 410 bodies of killed civilians have been taken out of the territory of Kyiv region. Prosecutors and other specialists have already examined 140 of them,” Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said in a statement.

She added that prosecutors, investigators, and forensic experts were constantly on duty at the forensic bureau to perform DNA examinations, autopsies and selection of DNA samples.

“People are scared, tired and tormented, they have experienced horror. This also requires time and a professional approach to record everything correctly and not lose the chance to find and punish the perpetrators,” she stressed.

Venediktova noted that the work with local population, search for witnesses, victims, collection of photos and video evidence was underway.

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