“MH17. We remember.” russia surpassed al-Qaeda and ISIS – Poroshenko

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We already knew in 2014 that putin’s russia is not only a state that finances terrorism, but also a terrorist state, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in a statement.

“On this day, exactly 9 years ago, russia launched a terrorist attack on the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane MH17. From the first minutes of that terrible tragedy, no one had any doubts about who was responsible for the downing of the airliner. The plane was shot down by a russian missile from the russian Buk system, no matter how hard putin tried to hide it.

283 passengers. 15 crew members. 80 children remained forever in the sky above Ukrainian Donbas…

Now russia terrorizes Ukraine, Ukrainians, and the whole world almost every day. And it has long surpassed al-Qaeda and ISIS. And putin himself became worse than Osama bin Laden. Therefore, our common goal is to stop it today once and for all.

Win and bring the case to an international tribunal. russia’s Fuhrer and his criminal entourage must answer for genocide, terrorism and other bloody crimes against Ukrainians.

MH17. We remember,” Poroshenko wrote.

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