MFA of Ukraine releases list of companies that still support russia. Auchan, Metro, Bosch, Raiffeisen Bank, Samsung …

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has published a list of companies that continue business as usual with russia.

Auchan, Metro, Bosch, Raiffeisen Bank, Pfizer, Cargill, Sanofi, Huinday, Miele, Michelin, Samsung are only a few of them. “Every product that a company supplies, produces or sells on the russian market contributes to the military budget, which has always been a priority for the russian government unlike any basic needs of its own citizens,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“Regardless of the size of russia’s investment or share in the global portfolio, companies that adhere to environmental, social and corporate governance standards and values ​​have no moral right to continue to operate in a country that commits mass war crimes in another country,” the statement said.

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