Meta deleted “Memorial” page from Instagram with information on 5,440 Ukrainians killed by russians – project coordinator

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The Meta Corporation deleted the “Memorial” Instagram page, which contained 5,440 stories of Ukrainians killed by russia. This was reported by the project coordinator Yevhen Spirin.

“For almost 2 years of the great war, the Memorial team collected the stories of 5,440 people who were killed by russia in the war in Ukraine. Is this too little, compared to the total number of victims? Perhaps, but these are 5,440 names instead of unknown persons. These are 5,440 life stories of those who died under russian rockets, who were killed by shrapnel and projectiles, who defended the country, who died in houses and basements with whole families, who were kidnapped, tortured, and eliminated. 5440 voices that can never be forgotten. Never, because forgetting is erasing us as Ukrainians,” Spirin wrote.

He noted that from October to December, the pages of the Memorial were blocked 4 times. Since restoring the deleted page is impossible, the project created a new one.

Memorial is a memory platform that collects the stories of Ukrainians who were killed during the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. Anyone can join the project by filling out a form with information about the victims.

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