Marines taught me how to love Ukraine

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I am a Marine. It was the Marines who taught me how to love Ukraine sincerely! To love with courage and fearlessly, to love with a weapon in hands and in moments of the greatest danger, to love carefully, bravely and uncompromisingly! And while my heart is beating, I will feel pure, unconditional and unqualified love for my Motherland, writes marine commander Serhiy Volyna from Azovstal.

Motherland is where a son loves his mother, a brother loves his sister, and a father loves his child! This love has no boundaries!!! The Marines are my family. These are the defenders of Ukraine who won’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives to the Motherland. These are brothers who always share equally what they have left, give a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand!

Because we have one love for our mother – Ukraine!! We are fighting… If the world civilization still has common spiritual values ​​and ideals, if people can still feel the pain and suffering of others, if a plea for help will make you act, then I call to fight for the Mariupol garrison! I call on the whole world, I call on everyone to help launch the “extraction” procedure for the Ukrainian military!


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