“No need.” Macron against using term “state sponsor of terrorism” in relation to russia

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President of France Emmanuel Macron says there is no need for using the term “state sponsor of terrorism” in relation to russia to impose sanctions on it, ukrinform.net reports.

“We condemn these war crimes, but we do not need any qualifications to impose these sanctions on russia,” Macron said during the final press conference of the G7 summit when asked about russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”.

Macron underscored the intention to continue to support Ukraine. “We will continue to support Ukraine and its people, there is no other way out,” he said. He added that “the situation is getting worse, but we continue to provide economic support.”

Regarding arms supplies, Macron said: “We deliver weapons, equipment, ammunition so that Ukraine can defend itself on its own land and not attack another territory.”

russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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