Italian media became russian ‘disinformation foothold’ – Polish intelligence

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In his analysis of the Italian media, Stanislav Zharin, spokesman for the Polish secret services’ coordinating minister, stresses that local TV channels have become a free platform for spreading russian propaganda, reported.

“Every message by the kremlin that reaches Western public opinion is a matter of concern because it can influence the perception of russian aggression. The media in Italy is an eloquent example of how easily and on a large scale russian propaganda can infect the Western informational field,” Zharin wrote.

According to the spokesman, propaganda is a permanent element of russia’s war against Ukraine, and disinformation activities are one of the kremlin’s active measures to achieve its military-political goals. russian disinformation is directed against the Ukrainian nation, NATO, and allies and directed at Western societies to build a favorable narrative for russia.

He notes that the russian propagandists and experts promoting pro-russian narratives are frequent guests on Italian TV programs, where they comment on the war in Ukraine and spread kremlin propaganda.

“We even hear voices that the Italian media have become a russian “disinformation foothold in the West,” Zharin says.

Since the beginning of the russian aggression against Ukraine, russian politicians and leading propagandists occupied Italian programs, both on public and private channels. They appear on the most popular interviews and entertaining talk shows, Zharin said.

Zharin also noted that although Italian newsrooms say that they care about freedom of speech, which means inviting speakers from both sides of the conflict, Italian media had, in fact, become free communication platforms for russian narratives.

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