Indecision to supply F-16 and long-range missiles to Ukraine due to fear of escalation was a mistake – Fukuyama

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In the US, there has always been a certain group of people who were skeptical of the war in Ukraine, admits Francis Fukuyama, an American philosopher and publicist, director of Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford University in an interview with This group includes both the left and the extreme right, he added.

The indecision of the United States in the supply of certain types of weapons – in particular, F-16 fighter jets and long-range missiles – is due to the fear of escalation, Fukuyama is convinced.

“Individuals in the White House still believe that there are certain red lines, and if they are crossed, russia will consider the option of using nuclear weapons,” Fukuyama explained. “I think this is a false fear. I think [the decision] not to transfer these weapons was a mistake, but there are people who are concerned about it.”

But in general, there is a broad consensus among American intellectuals that this is a very important global conflict and that Ukraine deserves American support,” Fukuyama said.

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