Ukraine needs 16-20 battalions of modern tanks for counteroffensive – Polish General

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For a successful counteroffensive against russian troops, Ukraine needs more tanks from the West. This opinion was expressed by the Polish general, ex-commander of the Polish ground forces Waldemar Skzypchak said in a comment to

“One battalion of tanks [Leopard 2 – UT] will not be enough. For an effective counteroffensive, the Ukrainians need 16-20 battalions of modern tanks. It is necessary to have a strong armored fist of several dozen battalions that will be able to break through the defense and then pursue the retreat of the russians,” Skshipchak stressed.

According to him, political decisions in the West are made “very slowly,” but should be “quick.” He noted that Ukraine asked for modern tanks back in the fall, but is starting to receive them only now.

According to him, the West should decide whether it wants Ukraine to win this year without dragging out the war for a long time. If so, then for this, tanks need to be provided to Kyiv differently than now, “by the dropper method – one battalion of modern tanks for half a year.”

“Ukraine needs 400-500 modern tanks,” Skshipchak stated.

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