First cryptocurrency payment card issued in Ukraine

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cryptocurrency payment card

Unex Bank and Mastercard, along with fintech startup Weld Money, have launched the first cryptocurrency payment card, the weld card, in Ukraine, according to the bank statement.

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The weld card is a digital payment card based on a debit Mastercard, linked to a cryptocurrency wallet on the Weld Money platform. It allows users to pay in cryptocurrency for goods and services without fees, wherever cashless payments are available online and offline.

The card can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay and be used to pay for goods and services without converting cryptocurrency into regular (fiat) currency.

Currently, the weld card allows users to pay with stablecoin USDT, and soon bitcoin and altcoin cryptocurrencies will be added to the payment options. The users can also withdraw cash from the weld card at ATMs that support contactless payment technology.

No additional commissions are charged when paying with the weld card, the press release says.

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