Europe should not look for ways to save putin’s face – President of European Parliament

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Europe must put every effort to help Ukraine withstand the russian aggression and stop rhetoric about ‘appeasement’ or ‘saving face’ for putin. The relevant statement was made by the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, during the panel discussion “European Unity in a Disordered World?” in Davos.

“I’ve been increasingly faced by journalists asking questions using the words ‘face saving’, ‘appeasement, ‘how can we tide this over so that we can move on?. My answer is this: this is not the time total about face-saving for russia. This is not the time to talk about appeasement. Now is the time when we have to put all our efforts [to help Ukraine – UT], – said the President of the European Parliament.

She also emphasized that Europe and European politicians should make every effort to do so, not refer to any legal arguments or lack of political will, and not look for excuses why Ukraine, as they say, can not win this war.

“This (such rhetoric), I think, is the threat we see throughout all the meetings we have, not just these days. In the coming days, during next week’s European Council, I do not want to hear these words or have to be able to give answers about how we are going to save face for putin. I never want to hear the word ‘appeasement’ anymore,” Metsola stressed.

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