UN and Red Cross don’t do anything, we will demand resignation of ICRC head, sister of Azov POW said

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Red Cross

Relatives of prisoners of war are not satisfied with the way the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross are dealing with the case of Ukrainian prisoners of war from “Azovstal,” Sandra Krotevych, a member of the Association of Families of Defenders of Azovstal, sister of the Chief of Staff of the Azov Regiment Bohdan Krotevych, radiosvoboda.org reported.

“We have a lot of questions to the UN and the Red Cross. They don’t do anything at all. The Red Cross still hasn’t reported how many people died, how many are in Donetsk hospitals, in the uncontrolled territory. How they will return the dead boys is also unknown to us. We are waiting for an answer from the Red Cross. We are outraged. They promised us, they promised the men that they would return alive, but they did not fulfill their obligations,” said Sandra Krotevych.

According to her, the relatives of the prisoners will demand the resignation of the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross and are currently preparing documents for this.

“Such an organization cannot be financed by the whole world, because it does not fulfill its obligations under the conventions that it must fulfill. For 72 days, I have not heard from the Red Cross whether my brother is alive or where he is,” Krotevych added.

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