China’s support allows russia to wage war against Ukraine – Stoltenberg

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China is the main country that provides russia with the capabilities to wage war against Ukraine as it supplies electronics and technology for the production of missiles, drones, and other armaments, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was cited as saying by

“The war in Ukraine demonstrates that security is not regional, security is global. The main country that is enabling russia to conduct its war of aggression against Ukraine in Europe, is China. They are by far the biggest trading partner for russia. They are delivering a critical components to their weapons, microelectronics, advanced technology, which is enabling russia to build missiles, drones, a lot of other stuff, which is key for their war against Ukraine,” said Stoltenberg.

He noted that China and North Korea, which provide russia with ammunition and weapons, as well as Iran, which supplies russia with drones, are key to russia’s ability to wage war against Ukraine, a European nation, a friend and neighbor of NATO.

“So, this idea that we can divide Asia from Europe doesn’t work anymore. This is interlinked, then we also of course, need to address the security challenges that China’s representing for our security,” the head of the Alliance said.

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