Poroshenko: putin can break through into Europe, but only to one city – The Hague

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russia is actively trying to influence candidates for the European Parliament with money, bribery, and intimidation to dramatically increase its influence. And this danger actually exists, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in a statement.

According to Poroshenko, any anti-Ukrainian rhetoric works in the interests of the kremlin. “These are not only populist, irresponsible, but also pro-russian forces.”

“But I am convinced that putin cannot win in Europe. Europe is learning to defend itself. And the main thing that I tried to convey and I am convinced that I succeeded in this is to remove the rose-colored glasses for the Germans and bring them closer to understanding what a terrible danger is now hanging over the entire democratic world,” said the fifth President.

“Therefore, as an optimist, as a European, I trust Europe and want to say that putin will not succeed. He will fail in Ukraine, he will fail in Europe. He can break through into Europe, but only to one city, which is
called The Hague. And I think he can stay there for a long time,” Poroshenko said.

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