ruscists kidnapped 375 Ukrainian children from occupied Kherson region

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Kherson region

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region, the “authorities” announced that they took 375 Ukrainian children to the Western Caucasus, Yuriy Sobolevskyi, deputy head of Kherson Regional Council, said in a statement.

“It cannot be claimed that these figures are real and final. Only the representatives of this criminal group – the nation of child kidnappers – have accurate data.

What adds to the concern is that we have already had cases of such “rehabilitation” and know how difficult it is to return children home afterward. Parents should be more careful with the proposals of the occupiers. One cannot trust those who came to kill and do it almost every day. I don’t understand how you can give your child to the hands of murderers, while other Ukrainian children, including those in the Kherson region, are dying from the actions of these inhumans,” he said.

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