UN to sue activist who stuck “Useless” sign on organization’s cars

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Ukrainian photographer Yosyp Husak, who stuck the sign “Useless” on UN cars, is being summoned to court. He announced this in a post on Twitter.

“Yesterday in Ukraine, russia caused the biggest man-made disaster of the last decades. Thousands of people became homeless, all needing help.

Now, the following day, “a few” UN and WHO off-road vehicles are still in one of Kyiv’s parking lots … No vandalism, just expressing a position, he wrote on June 7.

Husak is being summoned to court on September 22 under the Article 173 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses — minor hooliganism.

As reported, the United Nations announced a “russian Language Day” with a list of goals for sustainable development on the day ruscists destroyed the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant causing the biggest technogenic disaster in Europe since Chornobyl.

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