Ukrainian watchdog listed key topics promoted by russian propaganda over past week

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“Ineffective” Western weapons and sanctions against russia, which are allegedly soon to be lifted, were among the main topics pushed by russian propaganda networks in the past week, the report by the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council says.

russian propaganda media circulated the following topics, misinforming their audiences:

  1. Western weapons will not help Ukraine. The West will cut off their supply
  2. russia is too closely integrated into the global economy to maintain sanctions for too long
  3. Ukraine blackmails the world with the food crisis

Also, russian propaganda pundits claimed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering heavy losses in manpower and equipment, surrendering and retreating across hostility zones. Therefore, it is said, Western partners, who monitor the developments, realize that Ukraine stands no chance in the war with russia so they see no point in further arming Ukraine. That is why, according to propagandists, the West seems to be cutting heavy arms supplies to Ukraine under various fictitious pretexts.

Another narrative, pushed by the russian media, is that economic pressure on russian Federation is not achieving its goal as russia is allegedly successful in resisting sanctions and diversifying energy supply routes.

And finally, the third central theme of last week’s propaganda spree is that russia allegedly poses no hindrance to grain exports from Ukraine and, on the contrary, offers routes for exporting grains safely. Instead, Ukraine is allegedly sabotaging grain exports at the behest of the West.

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