Ukraine’s “IT army” blocks over 4000 russian sites over past two weeks

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Over the period from September 12 through September 25, the Ukrainian IT Army has blocked more than 4000 russian online resources, the press service of the Ministry of Digital Transformation reports.

The Ukrainian cyber strike paralyzed the work of the job search sites, the online stores for auto tools, the site of Bank Otkritie, and even the public services’ portal, therefore, russians couldn’t use any services, particularly related to the military sphere.

The site of Wagner’s group, the organization, gathering russian prisoners for the war in Ukraine, was also attacked. All data stored on the portal was received, the press office adds.

The IT Army also attacked the websites of the Young Guard of United russia (the youth wing of the United russia party). “The IT army got lists of young putinists who were or are based in the occupied territories, and help to hide war crimes and hold illegal referendums,” the report says.

The work of russian military online stores was also paralyzed by the “IT army,” the press office informs. “Because of that, russians could not order the necessary equipment for their murderous soldiers who continue to wage war in Ukraine,” the report notes.

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