Ukraine’s grain harvest can reach 94 million tons in the 2020/2021 marketing year

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Ukraine’s agriculture sector continues to impress, as the Ukrainian Grain Association forecasts Ukraine’s grain and oilseeds harvest to go up to 94 million tons in the 2020/2021 marketing year. Additionally, the association predicts that grain and oilseed exports for next season will be at 57.2 million tons, which is more than previously expected.

According to the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, since the beginning of 2020, Ukraine’s agricultural exports reached $3.7 billion, or 8% percent up year-over-year. The main export growth was due to sunflower (+$179 million), rapeseed (+$25 million), and soybean (+$17 million) oils. In January-February 2020, agricultural products made up 46% of Ukraine’s total exports and only 12% of its total imports.

Source: Ukraine Invest

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