Ukraine needs generation 4+ fighters to restore peace – Ukrainian Air Force

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Without air support, it is impossible to achieve success in both offensive and defensive actions, the spokesman of the Air Force Command of Ukraine, Yuriy с, was cited as saying by

“We will be waiting for the planes in any case. Without airplanes, it will be very difficult for us to defend our country in both wartime and peacetime. Without superiority in the air, without air support, it is impossible to achieve success both in offensive and defensive actions,” he said.

According to Ignat, modern aviation, specifically generation 4+ aircraft, is able to restore peace in the air, on land and at sea quite effectively. “We need these planes to protect our people, primarily from aerial terrorism. And these planes will become part of air defense,” the spokesman said.

He noted that it may take approximately three months for Ukrainian pilots to learn to fly the F-16.

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