Ukraine is among the pioneers of the digital revolution

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According to various sources, in 2013-2017, Ukraine occupied the first place in Europe, and the fourth place in the world in terms of work on digital labor platforms, as measured by the amount of financial flows and the number of tasks executed on such platforms. How did this quiet revolution come about? A new ILO report “Work through Online Platforms in Ukraine: Key Issues and Policy Perspectives” strives to answer this exact question.

Ukraine also ranks first in the world in “IT freelance”. It is estimated that at least 3% of the Ukrainian workforce is involved in online work. Eighteen per cent of Ukrainian white-collar office workers already tried digital work and would like to switch to it fully; one in two view it as additional source of income.

Workers of online platforms are found in every region of Ukraine. Most of them are concentrated in Central Ukraine. Even when excluding the capital city Kyiv, Central region leads in terms of the percentage of freelancers, together with Southern region (20% and 22%, respectively). The spread of online platform work is related to the level of urbanization.

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