Ukraine demands third of USSR foreign assets from russia – Ukraine’s ambassador to Great Britain

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USSR foreign assets

When the Soviet Union collapsed, russia offered to take all the debt of the USSR, but retain all the assets around the world. Ukraine is the only republic that did not ratify the agreement, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Great Britain, Vadym Prystaiko, said in an interview with

“Ukraine is the only republic that initially agreed, but did not ratify the agreement. Our argument was as follows: we are not against it, if it is a fair agreement, just show what the Soviet Union owes and show the assets that it has around the world,” the diplomat said.

According to him, moscow never provided this information, so Ukraine is now forced to collect this information piece by piece.

“Now we demand from russia: you must return at least a third of what is abroad. In particular, property that is located [in Great Britain] and were illegally, in our opinion, registered to the russian Federation,” Prystaiko said.

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