UA army advances 1.6 km on flanks around Bakhmut – spokesman

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The Defense Forces of Ukraine have advanced 1,600 meters on the southern and northern flanks in the Bakhmut sector, Serhiy Cherevatyi, the spokesman for the Eastern Group of Forces, was cited as saying by

“The Bakhmut direction remains active in terms of counterattacks by our troops, in some directions on the southern and northern flanks, our Defense Forces have advanced up to 1,600 meters, the enemy is fiercely resisting using artillery.

They hit 342 times our positions with various types of artillery systems. There were six air raids, 10 combat engagements, during which we eliminated 120 occupiers, 184 were wounded, and one was taken captive,” Cherevatyi said.

Also, 5 tanks, an armored personnel carrier, an assault amphibious vehicle, an armored car, a D-30 howitzer, an e-warfare station, 2 Orlan 10 UAVs, a fiber-optic reconnaissance station, and 9 field ammunition depots were destroyed, he added.

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