Too late, too little. Germany makes itself laughingstock of international politics

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The war in Ukraine is dynamic, the russian army is trying to encircle large cities in the east. However, Germany acts as if it had all the time in the world, writes Clemens Wergin for

We don’t know exactly whether it is due to incompetence or political unwillingness, but the never-ending saga of the failure of German arms deliveries to Ukraine is increasingly making Germany the laughingstock of international politics, Wergin says. It raises the question of how serious the German government really is about helping Ukraine win against russia, he adds.

According to Wergin, Ukrainians have the soldiers, the training, the guts, and enough stamina to stop the russian advance and repulse putin’s army, but the long-term success depends on getting enough heavy weapons.

“Germany, on the other hand, acts as if you had all the time in the world … Too late, too little, too undecided is the leitmotif of German Ukraine policy,” Wergin says.

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