Germany has extra IFVs Marder, but unwilling to send them to Ukraine – Bild

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For months it has been said that Germany cannot supply Ukraine with the infantry fighting vehicles “Marder” from its own stocks that have been requested by Kyiv since the beginning of March, writes.

According to Lambrecht’s ministry, all 343 Marders owned by the Bundeswehr are tied to “national and alliance defense” and, therefore, “simply indispensable.”

But according to a secret document seen by BILD, it says that the Bundeswehr has “over 62 MARDER in configuration status A3, which are no longer used.”

The internal paper from mid-May literally says: “Of these, 32 vehicles could be repaired if necessary and then used again.” The paper goes on to say that the 32 available IFVs “could be repaired over a period of nine to twelve months if necessary.”

An insider familiar with the matter told BILD that “the bare figures show that … due solely to political unwillingness that we do not promise Ukraine our Marders, at least for the fall.”

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