The numbers don’t lie. Nord Stream-2 is aimed at ending gas transit via Ukraine

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The Nord Stream-2 is not aimed at bringing significant new gas to Germany or Western Europe as promoters often claim – only 9.9 bcma of the total 55 bcma, writes on Twitter Dr. Benjamin L. Schmitt former European Energy Security Advisor at the U.S. Department of State.

The rest of the Nord Stream-2 gas mostly heads to the Baumgarten gas hub in Austria – the current endpoint for much of the gas transiting Ukraine. The Nord Stream-2 is aimed at ending or significantly reducing gas transit via Ukraine, a longtime Kremlin objective of the project, while harming Transatlantic Security more broadly.

The technical capacity breakdown of the EUGAL [the German branch of Nord Stream 2] pipeline only reinforces this reality – here. The numbers don’t lie, he adds. This is not just a commercial deal.

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