russian intel sets up “vandalism” provocation in Kharkiv

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For the second time in a week, unidentified perpetrators vandalized monuments to fallen Ukrainian Rebel Army (UPA) soldiers in Kharkiv’s Molodizhniy Park, both times acting to make public believe this was done by the Poles or for the Poles: they spray painted the monuments using the colors of the Polish flag and wrote a curse word, also in Polish, that’s according to Oleksiy Kopytko, an expert with the Information Resistance OSINT group.

Such provocations, the expert explains, are made by the same template. He recalls other recent meddling efforts made by russia and its “mercenaries” in order to try to spark ethnic conflicts in Ukraine and discredit Ukrainian authorities in the international arena. 

Sometime before, moscow was pursuing provocations against autocephaly of Ukrainian church.

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