“Megaphone for putin’s propaganda.” Amnesty International shamefully castigates victims of russian aggression – The ​​Times

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russian aggression

Amnesty shredded its credibility, accusing the UA Army of endangering civilians and serving as a megaphone for the putin’s regime propaganda, writes thetimes.co.uk.

According to the Geneva Conventions, there is a legal obligation to protect noncombatants in war, which is totally different from blaming the victims of aggression, which is what Amnesty is doing, the British daily newspaper believes

The Ukrainian military is forced are forced to base themselves in residential areas because russians are attacking those areas, which is known and preferred method of russian military, in Chechnya, Syria and now in Ukraine. So, the Times believes that Amnesty misunderstands international law and pays no attention to the realities of war.

According to the newspaper, people who generously donated to the organization should stop and Amnesty should depart the stage as nothing can salvage its reputation.

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