Separate tribunal is needed regarding destruction of Kakhovka dam – Head of Kyiv Security Forum

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Kakhovka dam

putin’s policy is a copycat of the Nazi policy of scorched earth, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the head of the Kyiv Security Forum, said in an interview with

“This reminds me of the letter of the Nazi leader Himmler from 1943 to the then so-called commissar of Ukraine, when they were retreating from Ukraine. He said – ‘we have to leave the scorched earth in Ukraine, kill everyone, even the animals.’ So putin and his policy is a copycat of the Nazi policy,” Yatsenyuk said.

“This is a violation of Article 56 of the Geneva Convention. But putin doesn’t care about international law. He only cares about his stupid imperialist ideas, how to seize Ukraine and restore the Soviet Union. This is a terrible disaster, another challenge for Ukraine and another threat to the whole world,” said the head of the Kyiv Security Forum.

Yatsenyuk called on the international community, in particular China and Brazil, to “pick a side after russia committed yet another war crime”: “We need more than just words. It is necessary to condemn russia and put pressure on it.”

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