russians in Mariupol destroyed 400 high-rise buildings to hide war crimes – mayor

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In Mariupol, which is temporarily occupied by the russian army, the invaders had already destroyed 400 high-rise buildings to hide war crimes, the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, was cited as saying by

“During two months of intense fire, they destroyed every second high-rise building. There are 1,800 such high-rise buildings in the city of Mariupol. The terrorist state has identified 934 buildings that are being demolished today. They have already removed 400 such buildings; they have hidden their war crimes,” said Boychenko.

According to him, the invaders, fearing a Ukrainian counteroffensive, are destroying the traces of their crimes by demolishing damaged buildings “together with their numerous dead residents.”

“They work both day and night… Because they understand that we are already approaching, that we will take back the city, and that there will be a counteroffensive. And they are preparing for this and cleaning up their war crimes. And it is necessary to understand that 50% of the city no longer exists,” Boychenko said.

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