russia plans using Uzbekistan to buy electronics for UAVs – National Resistance Center

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russia plans to finance shell companies in Uzbekistan to buy electronics for UAVs.

“On December 26, 2023, putin discussed the terms of cooperation with the top military and political leadership of Uzbekistan. In particular, preliminary agreements have been reached regarding the creation of a number of shell companies on the territory of Uzbekistan, which will be financed by the russian government,” the National Resistance Center said in a statement.

According to the Center, it is planned to create fictitious companies to circumvent international sanctions and enterprises for the assembly of UAVs, which will consist of foreign electronic components.

“In the future, these companies will export products and components to a number of russian defense enterprises. In particular, to “Elektropribor”, “Elekon plant”, “Stella-K” and others.

russia also plans to buy Soviet ammunition from Uzbekistan.

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