russia continues war on Ukrainian culturural heritage, destroys Kuindzhi museum in Mariupol

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russia destroyed the Art Museum of Archip Kuindzhi in Mariupol by a direct hit of an air bomb, reported.

The museum occupied 300 square meters on two floors of the “Geocyntov estate” – a 1902 building. The exposition contained almost 2,000 exhibits, including paintings, decorative and applied arts, as well as graphics and sculpture.

The head of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Konstantin Chernyavsky, clarified that at the time of the bombing, the museum did not have originals of Kuindzhi’s works, only copies by Andriy Yalansky and Oleksandr Olkhov.

At the same time, the museum kept works by other famous Ukrainian artists, including Ivan Aivazovsky and Tatiana Yablonska.

In half of the exhibition halls exhibited items related to the life and work of Archip Kuindzhi. Among them are photographs, documents, personal belongings of the artist, including the 200-year-old font in which Arkhip Kuindzhi was baptized.

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