Forced assimilation. russian authorities restrict rights of Ukrainians in every possible way

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its strong protest over the ongoing crackdown by the russian authorities on the rights of the Ukrainian minority in russia.

“As part of russia’s deliberate state policy of forced assimilation during 2011-2020 the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Ukrainians of russia were banned as well as the Association of Ukrainians of russia and the Omsk Regional NGO «Siberian Center of Ukrainian Culture «Gray Wedge». Besides, the World Congress of Ukrainians was labeled as an «undesirable organization» and the Library of Ukrainian Literature in moscow has been defunct,” the MFA said in a statement.

Another manifestation of the russian authorities’ efforts aimed at erasing the national and ethnic identity of Ukrainians in russia was the decision of the Artemovsk City Court of the Primorsky Krai to liquidate the autonomous non-profit organization «Far Eastern Ukrainian Spiritual, Cultural and Educational Center «Prosvita».

Decisions to forcibly shut down the Prosvita Center and other Ukrainian cultural centers in russia obviously illustrate a real «russian hospitality» towards those citizens of other countries, with whom the russian authorities continue to so desperately prove their affinity while encouraging them to acquire russian citizenship.

russian authorities demonstrate no intention to protect the rights of Ukrainians in russia, limiting their opportunities to participate in the decision-making processes on issues that affect them directly and preventing any attempts of self-organization.

“We call on the international community to impartially assess the ongoing harsh deterioration of the human rights situation in russia, to increase political and diplomatic pressure on the russian authorities in order to stop ultimately the attack on the rights of the Ukrainian national minority in russia,” the MFA said

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