putin’s bet was that he could outlast West that it would stop supporting Ukraine, now it’s up for Congress to prove his bet was wrong – Miller

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us department of state

putin’s bet was that he could outlast the West and that the West would weaken, the West would stop supporting Ukraine, and that russia would still be there ready to fight, and he just had to outlast us, US State Dept spokesperson Matthew Miller said during a briefing.

“I think what president putin confirmed today was that, despite his military suffering hundreds of thousands of causalities, despite the crippling of the russian economy, despite isolating russia internationally and making himself an international pariah as a result of this conflict, his war aims have not changed in any way.

He still wishes to conquer Ukraine, he still wishes to subjugate Ukraine, and nothing that he set out to accomplish in this campaign has he given up on, despite the fact that his army has been rolled back from their initial objectives, despite the fact, as I said, they’ve suffered a multitude of battlefield defeats. They still – he still has all the same war aims that he had from the beginning,” Miller said.

According to him, now it’s up for the United States Congress to prove that that putin’s bet is wrong.

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