putin recognizes leaders of militants in Donbas as his representatives

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militants in Donbas

The issuance of membership cards for putin’s United russia party to the leaders of the terrorist LDNR militants is an official recognition of their role as representatives of russia’s occupation administration.

“Now the narrative of putin and his fifth column inside the country that we, the Ukrainians, and Ukraine must negotiate with them, is coming to an end. These are representatives of the russian occupation administration, who are recognized by putin and Medvedev as representatives of russia,“ the fifth President of Ukraine and leader of “European Solidarity” Petro Poroshenko said.

He also stressed that the handing over of putin’s party membership cards to the leaders of the militants ends any attempt to hold these talks and returns us to the demand for three positions.

“The first is to revoke their russian passports or Ukrainian citizenship. The second is to repeal putin’s decree that included the occupied territories in russia’s economic infrastructure. That is, they can take part in trade, they have no customs borders, they are part of russia. And the third is that we must finally stop the political integration of the occupied territories, as is demonstrated by the actions of putin and Medvedev,” he said.

“And this is the reason why, in the end, both putin and Medvedev, and all their comrades, will find themselves in The Hague, in court, responsible for the occupation of Ukraine,” Petro Poroshenko stressed.

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