putin ran out of red pencil. After counteroffensive near Kharkiv he can’t draw ‘red lines’ any longer – Poroshenko

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putin has lost the opportunity to blackmail the world and draw “red lines,” the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with cnn.com.

“My conclusion: putin ran out of red pencil. He has lost an opportunity to draw any red lines. The operation near Kharkiv and Kherson vividly demonstrated that putin cannot advance, cannot blackmail the world anymore,” Poroshenko emphasized.

“The more weapons Ukraine gets, the shorter the path to peace will be. And in this situation you are not just supporting Ukraine, you are investing in your own security. Please help us save you. Help us save Europe. Help us de-putinize Europe. Ukraine pays a very high price for this. But we definitely proved that we can do it,” Poroshenko said.

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