Pace of German support for Ukraine shows signs of deliberate delay – Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs 

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Berlin is dragging on with the provision of military assistance to Kyiv as it hopes to restore cooperation with russia, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau was cited as saying by

“Meanwhile, the scale and pace of Germany’s support for Ukraine show signs of deliberate delay, as if the intention was, regardless of the outcome of this war, to harm German-russian relations as little as possible,” Rau said.

Currently, Germany finds itself in an unenviable situation, not only because of the complete failure of its policy towards russia, and more broadly towards the whole of Eastern Europe, but above all because of the collapse of the German economic model, which was based on access to russian gas, imported to Germany at lowered prices, he added. 

“Treating russia as a reliable partner both politically and economically, successive German governments made the wrong choice and became dependent on russia,” Rau said. According to him,

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