putin must understand that Ukraine has become part of transatlantic space – Finland’s president

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The US will continue to support Ukraine, as it is important for NATO allies and for them to maintain their role as a world leader, Finnish President Alexander Stubb said this in Helsinki during a joint briefing with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, ukrinform.ua reported.

“Whoever comes to power in the US in the future, in order for the US to remain a superpower and be able to live in this world alongside the competition from global powers, especially from China, they need allies. Many of these allies are in Europe, and most of them are members of NATO. If the United States withdraws in any way or form from the Alliance’s efforts to support Ukraine, it will also be shooting itself in the foot. That is why we can count on American help, despite how much rhetoric will appear around it in various difficult situations,” said the Finnish president.

He noted that just a few weeks ago he had meetings and the opportunity to communicate with American senators and congressmen, and all of them expressed confidence that such support for Ukraine will be continued.

According to Stubb, in order to convince other allies of the need for such help for Ukraine, it is enough to help them realize that the Ukrainian war is in many ways also their war and that Ukrainians are fighting not only for their own freedom, but also for the protection of those values ​​that were laid down in the founding agreements of the Alliance back in 1949.

putin must understand that he has already lost this war. In the sense that Ukraine has already become a country that is part of the transatlantic space and the Alliance, that the transatlantic partnership is closer than it has been since the Cold War. In the sense that the European Union has never been so united in its entire history. “The icing on the cake is the fact that Finland and Sweden have become members of NATO, Ukraine will eventually become as well,” the Finnish leader stressed.

According to him, putin achieved the exact opposite of what he was trying to achieve by starting a war against Ukraine. And that should be incentive enough for NATO allies to find the necessary funding and deterrence so that Ukraine can win and putin lose this war on the battlefield as well.

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