Poroshenko: UA Army is the most convincing negotiator for putin, we just need tools to make it even more efficient

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putin does not plan to stop in Ukraine and in case of success of the aggression against our country, he will go further to the countries of the European Union, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in Berlin during a speech at a special event of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

My main message today to the diplomat partners in Berlin — if putin takes over Ukraine, he will never stop. He is like a maniac who returns to the scene of the crime. Or as a vampire who has already tasted blood. No one will be able to stop him except us. There are 7 prerequisites for victory.

The first thing is to support Ukraine not ‘as long as necessary,’ but until our victory. Period. You have to be an optimist. No one should have doubts about our victory. For five years I was the president of the country in a state of war — I never doubted for a single moment that there would be victory. We should not let putin destroy our optimism according to his scenario. We must be together until we win. Therefore, one percent of the GDP of the entire Free World should go to Ukraine in the form of weapons and equipment. putin has ten times more soldiers, and we have to be stronger and more efficient.

The second thing is supporting Ukraine with weapons. Mobilization of the European military industry is needed. Weapons, equipment, shells, anti-aircraft defense, and Taurus missiles are needed. Every day of delay costs many lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

The third — is hellish sanctions against russia. It is necessary to finally stop buying russian gas, to stop ways of circumventing sanctions and shady logistics fraud. Europe should deprive russia of the ability to finance the war.

The fourth — is financial assistance. It should be 20% of state funds and 80% of private investors’ money and confiscated russian assets. For this reason, Ukraine is ready to carry out reforms, improve the business climate, and protect the rule of law. I hope that the donor conference for Ukraine’s recovery, which will be held in Berlin next month, will convey exactly these messages.

The fifth — is the accession of Ukraine to the European Union. Ukraine has received candidate status, Ukraine is taking important steps to meet the criteria. We have a lot of homework, but we have a chance to start accession negotiations in June.

The sixth — is Ukraine’s membership in NATO. This is the only way to end the war and ensure a stable security situation on the continent. Now it is especially important for us to feel the support of the US and Germany, so I called on the Bundestag to adopt a resolution supporting Ukraine’s invitation to NATO. This would be a very powerful message to putin that we do not allow the continent, the world, and Ukraine to be blackmailed.

The seventh — is democracy and the fight against corruption in Ukraine. Democracy means unity, political unity within the country. This is a key factor in our victory. We will not differ from russia if we have corruption inside the country. And the European Union has a unique tool through the EUR 50 billion program, this program has conditions. This is a motivation to reform Ukraine.

And the most convincing negotiator is one of the best diplomats in the world, who has been ensuring effective negotiations with putin since 2014, the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We found enough arguments to eject putin from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, and Kherson. Now we just need to get a tool to make this diplomat even more efficient.

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