Polish MP on partial oil embargo: Europe’s reaction to russian aggression is weak and overdue

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oil embargo

According to the Polish MP from the party Law and Justice Zdzislav Krasnodemsky, the decision of the European Union on the embargo on russian oil is overdue because it will come into force only at the end of the year, polskieradio.pl reports.

The agreement, which was discussed by EU leaders in Brussels on May 30 and implies that the European Community will block 90% of russian oil imports by the end of the year, will not have a decisive impact on events in Ukraine, stressed MP Zdislav Krasnodembskiy. He called the EU’s response belated and weak.

“On the one hand, it is good that such an agreement has been reached. It will cover 90% of russian crude oil supplied to Europe. On the other hand, it is difficult to be completely satisfied. First, because it took so long. Second, the embargo only applies to oil delivered by sea. And thirdly, the most important thing is that the embargo will come into force only at the end of the year, and the war has already been going on for three months, “said Krasnodembskiy.

The agreement of EU leaders implies that by the end of this year, the European Union will block 90% of russian oil imports. Ten percent will be delivered through the southern section of the Druzhba pipeline, which Hungary has primarily won. This decision is supposed to be temporary.

The compromise reached is still political in nature, and in the coming days, it will need to be transformed into a decision with legal force. The technical negotiations are to be held in Brussels.

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