kremlin “legalized” abduction of children from Ukraine – MFA on putin’s decree

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine considers Vladimir putin’s decree that streamlines the process of granting citizenship to Ukrainian orphans as an attempt by the kremlin to legalize the illegal displacement of Ukrainian children to russia, the statement issued by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says.

“We consider the decree of the President of the russian Federation to simplify the admission of Ukrainian orphans or those left without parental care to russian citizenship as an attempt by the kremlin to legalize the illegal movement of Ukrainian children from the Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by the russian army to russia” Foreign Ministry informs.

It is stressed that by his decree, “Vladimir putin actually legalized the abduction of children from the territory of Ukraine.”

The diplomats emphasized that russia’s actions grossly violate the 1949 Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, which obliges the occupying state not to change the citizenship status of children, and the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry notes that russia’s actions can also be qualified as the forcible transfer of children from one human group to another under international law.

The diplomats have called on the international community to take decisive action against moscow, including increasing sanctions to force it to cease its aggression against Ukraine and blatant violations of international law.

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