moscow, which remains in the backyards of civilization, still burns with hatred and envy toward the center – Portnikov

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In Soviet times, a Kyiv publishing house presented a book “Ilyich over the Map of Ukraine,” with the Bolshevik leader on the cover – the same one who, according to vladimir putin, created Ukraine – leaning over a map of a neighboring country. Lenin, of course, created nothing. Like putin, he robbed. The Bolshevik coup led to devastation, the collapse of industry, famine, and civil war. But Lenin needed bread. Ukrainian bread. So he bent over the map of Ukraine in order to understand how to conquer and rob it, writes Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Portnikov for


A few days ago we saw almost the same mise-en-scene, only performed by Lenin’s successor, vladimir putin. Valery Zorkin [Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the russian Federation – UT], this shrunken, vile proof that prostitution is suitable for any age, for some reason, brought putin an old map – to prove that there never was any Ukraine. putin and Zorkin flaunted over the document and told each other stories. Meanwhile, on the map, the original of which was easily discovered by journalists, if you look closely, there are both Ocraina and Vkraine. In addition, Ukraine on this map is called the Country of the Kozaks, that is, the sovereignty of the Hetmanate was also confirmed, which at that time was already an obvious political factor.

Not to mention the fact that Crimea, which russian chauvinists declared their sacred property, is confidently called “Crimean Tartaria” on this map – that is, the country of the Crimean Tatars, and the territory that russia likes to call “Novorossia” – “small Tartaria” .

Two illiterate buffoons still can’t read, otherwise they would have noticed that the map they showed as confirmation of putin’s “historical correctness” reminds us once again: neither Ukraine as such, nor Crimea, nor all these fictitious New russia and other nonsense have nothing to do with russia or the russian people. Not in the slightest.

And finally – a simple explanation of where the word Ocraina [which russia claims is defined as outskirts – UT] came from on the map of the 17th century. This word was mentioned for the first time in the chronicles of Rus’ in March 1187, in the story of the death of Prince Volodymyr Hlibovych of Pereyaslav, great-grandson of Volodymyr Monomakh, grandson of Yuri Dolgoruky and son of Hlib Yuriyovych, not the most beloved prince of Kyiv, who ended up on the throne after the destruction of Kyiv by the troops of Suzdal dictator Andriy Bogolyubsky. “Ukraine cried a lot after him,” the chronicles say. Pereyaslavl, as we all know, is a city not far from the capital city of Kyiv. The center, by definition, cannot be defined as “outskirts”, so Ocraina, in this case, is used in the old Slavic meaning “country”, krajina. Because the Kyiv land was for all other lands of the then Rus’ – Galicia or Suzdal – a center of the state. And this definition, which was assigned to the lands of central Ukraine, and in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. moscow tried to erase it from history, replacing it with ‘Little russia’ – but nothing came of it.

So, no matter what putin and Zorkin think, the very political concept of “Ukraine” is a thousand years old. Less, of course, than the Rus’, the political center of which this Ukraine was. But still a little more than the Muscovite state. The very existence of moscow became known only about 40 years before the appearance of the word ‘Ukraine’ in the chronicles. At the same time, moscow, of course, was not a center at all, but a small border fortress of the Suzdal principality, that is, to put it simply, a real, and not invented “outskirts”.

A millennium later, it remains a periphery. You can grab a thousand square kilometers of someone else’s lands, steal nuclear weapons and build skyscrapers, like in New York, but still burn with the same fantastic hatred and envy toward the center, which always arises in the backyards of civilization.

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